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ISO 13485:2016
The collecting urina bag for infants Pediatrics
Poly Ethylene ( PE ), medical

steril, non-toxic, single use

Volume Quantity in a
package. pc.
100 pc.
Foam pad
Adhesive layer, hypoallergenic


  • Is intended to use in Pediatrics and Obstetrics  
  • Urina bag  pediatric is a small bag made of polymeric material for collection of urina with adhesive  hypoallergenic layer. Water-resistant  hypoallergenic adhesive layer provides a strong adhesion, which allows you  accurately and quickly collect urine. Urina bag has a foam pad
  • Urina bags , steril, non-toxic, single use, do not cause irritable skin action.
  • Urina bags are packed of  50 pieces in a bulk packaging made of  polyethylene or other polymeric material, permitted to use  by the Sanitary authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • For transportation the cardboard boxes are being used.                                                                  
  • Urina bags  should be stored in a dry heated room at temperature from  +15о  up to 40оС and at a distance  not less than 1 m from the heated premises
  • The marking complies with  EN ISO 13485 :2003, EN ISO 9001:2008, ISО SТ RК 9001:2009
  • Sterilization method: radiation method 
  • Guaranteed expiry period –5 years