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ISO 13485:2016
Subclavian catheter Surgery
Poly Ethylene ( PE ), medical

steril, non-toxic, single use

Quantity in a
package. pc.
Diameter Colour
1000 pc.
1000 pc.
1000 pc.
0,6 mm
1,0 mm
1,4 mm


  • Is intended to be used for prolonged intravenous infusion in Surgery and Therapy, adapted to the LUER-record.
  • Subclavian vein catheterization is used for infusion, transfusion therapy to transfer the large amounts of blood, blood products and other solutions to the patient  for a long time  period at a hospital.
  • The term of the catheter in the venous system should not exceed 20 days at a central venous catheterization.
  • The marking complies with  EN ISO 13485 :2003, EN ISO 9001:2008, ISО SТ RК 9001:2009
  • Sterilization method: radiation method   
  • Guaranteed  expiry period – 2 years