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ISO 13485:2016
Container for the collection of pathological material ( sputum) Phthisiatry
Poly Ethylene ( PE ), medical

non-toxic, single use


  • Is intended  to be used  in Phthisiology
  • Container for a collection of pathological material (sputum) is a reservoir with a twirled lid
  • Volume up to 75 ml
  • The container is made of polyethylene  of low density  GOST 16338-85, permitted to use  by the Ministry of    Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • An air-tight container, non-toxic. 
  • Containers are packaged in group package of plastic sheeting  with the group label mark  inside. The  package is welded. Group packages are stacked in boxes or corrugated boxes made  of sheet material.
  • The marking complies with  EN ISO 13485 :2003, EN ISO 9001:2008, ISО SТ RК 9001:2009
  • Sterilization method: radiation method   
  • Guaranteed  expiry period –5 years